Saskatchewan Man Pleads Guilty to Poisoning Wife

It was a tragic incident that unfolded on a family farm in Meota, Saskatchewan.

Now Michael MacKay has admitted guilt to the charge of second-degree murder in the poisoning of his wife, Cindy MacKay. The courtroom in North Battleford heard the sad narrative, revealing the deliberate and horrifying actions that led to Cindy’s untimely death in February 2020. Michael, the crown alleged , intentionally introduced strychnine, an exceedingly toxic pesticide, into a drink he served to Cindy, resulting in her agonizing passing.

The court proceedings presented an account of Michael’s extramarital affair, shedding light on the emotional toll it took on the family. Family members, overcome with emotion, shared heartfelt testimony, portraying Cindy as a loving mother. The profound and devastating loss of Cindy has left the family shattered, living in the shadows of fear.

Cindy MacKay was rushed to the hospital in a state of medical distress on Feb. 7, and her life came to a tragic end on Feb. 12, as stated by the RCMP in a media release. Michael MacKay, her husband, was taken into custody on March 18, 2021, and granted bail in April of that year.

This heart-wrenching incident brings attention to the broader issue of intimate partner violence, particularly in Saskatchewan, which, according to recent data from Statistics Canada, bears the highest reported rate among all provinces, more than double the national average.

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