“Heartbeat of our organization,” REAL highlights volunteers

Since 1884, Regina Exhibition Associated Limited (REAL) has held events in Regina. Over those 140 years, many things have changed, but one thing that has remained the same is the organization’s need for volunteers.

Charlene Oancia, the people services manager for volunteers, staff engagement, talent management, and training with REAL, said that has been the heart and soul of the REAL District campus and core to the organization’s success.

“They bring a level of fun, excitement, and engagement that just adds to the overall customer experience here at REAL.”

Annually, the REAL District hosts 700 events and welcomes 3.5 million guests.

Oancia said that without volunteers, REAL and the City of Regina would not have been able to host events like Montana’s Brier.

“Whether we are hosting a signature event or whether we’re having a big national event; volunteers play an integral part for big and small events here at REAL.”

She added that their volunteers are more important than ever.

“They are how we continue to provide hospitality and exceptional customer service to our valued guests. With the help of volunteers, REAL is able to deliver exceptional, life-long memories for our community.”

Overall, Oancia said that she and her team members at REAL can’t thank volunteers enough for the work they do.

This is the final feature in Harvard Media News highlighting “Volunteer Week” in Canada and shining a light on those who freely give up their time and energy in the service of their community.

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