Moe pledges to investigate chemtrails at meeting in Speers, SK. Opposition calls foul.

Premier Scott Moe’s leadership has come under scrutiny following a meeting in Speers, Saskatchewan, where he discussed various conspiracy theories with constituents.

During the meeting, attendees raised questions about chemtrails, prompting Moe to commit to further investigations despite existing soil testing. Moe acknowledged that chemtrails had been on his radar for several months. The chemtrails theory suggests that governments are covertly releasing toxic chemicals into the atmosphere from aircraft, creating visible plumes similar to contrails. Some suggest various motivations for this alleged spraying, such as sterilization, reducing life expectancy, mind control, or weather control. Additionally Moe pledged to possibly denounce the World Health Organization Pandemic Treaty and investigate claims about a local architecture firm’s involvement with something called “Agenda 2030.”

Moe also addressed allegations that the Saskatchewan Health Authority was involved in a “delivery system” for Chinese biological weapons during the pandemic and questioned the influence of the World Economic Forum. The Premier also voiced his doubts about the credibility of mainstream media and international organizations like NATO.

Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck sharply criticized Moe’s focus. “Families are struggling to make ends meet, and our hospitals are in crisis, but instead of finding solutions to these important issues, this Premier is apparently looking into chemtrails,” Beck said. She argued that Moe should support healthcare workers rather than undermine them, emphasizing that after 17 years of Sask. Party governance, it is time for change.

Beck and other critics on social media platforms argue that Moe’s engagement with conspiracy theories distracts from addressing the real needs of the province.

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