Out of the dark!

Walking after the rain brings out some interesting sights including many forms of mushrooms. The mushroom spores can be living in the soil and when these conditions are right, watch out for these clusters to pop everywhere! I have never toured a mushroom producing facility, nor have I had a conversation with a biologist to know if these are remotely edible. And I will not tempt fate and try to consume! Someone did say once they are dried up animals will nibble on them. On another note these micro-organisms are a hint that the soil is healthy. Not all fungus/mushrooms are created equal – so don’t eat them – unless you are trained in identifying them. Stick with the mushroom you know! (Even the magic ones!)

Mushrooms remind us that beauty can emerge from the darkest and most hidden corners of life.

Mushrooms taste so good in and on everything. Spinach salad, steak sandwiches, baked potato, an omelette just a few of the basic things that mushrooms enhance. On the grocery list the less exotic mushroom remains a relatively inexpensive and truly flavourful item. The mushroom is a must have for those cutting back on their meat consumption. Those portabella burgers look pretty tasty.

What did the grouchy mushroom say to the loud mushroom? “Put a cap on it.”

How about this mushroom flavoured line you hear often, “I must be a mushroom, I’m kept in the dark and fed bs!”. Oh who hasn’t felt that way! Some call that Mushroom Management. Sometimes I feel that’s the way families operate!

This weekend, more rain is expected so keep your eye peeled for the “fungi among I”. These little spores are freaky if nothing else.

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