Luc’s Week 3 Primer

This game’s too hard, man. There’s too much sacrifice, and far too much politics. You’ve gotta be a different breed to deal with the highs and lows of pro football.

I’ve sat in those locker rooms. Myself and former teammates have ran on those practise fields, and played in front of those crowds. 

Sure, the highs are incredible! Guys like Tad Kornegay earn every opportunity to dance on an Earls Bar table top once in a while, because the storm that is the routine of being a pro also needs rainbows to make it all worthwhile. 

That’s why the sole purpose of the 2nd instalment of the Hamilton back-to-back is this: Don’t put an additional  opponent on the field, other than the TiCats. The Tabbies are good enough to win on their own. 

The resolve the Saskatchewan Roughriders have exhibited to this point has been impressive. Unfortunately, the formula of getting wins while competing against an opponent from another city AND against themselves at the same time- isn’t sustainable. The Montreal’s of the CFL world aren’t going to let you take yards and points off the board because of penalties. The BC’s of the CFL world will make you pay even more for consistently busting defensive assignments. Hamilton’s praying that someone isn’t sure of who to block on another 2nd & short. 

Again. The game’s too hard to be one’s own worst enemy. The other guys are pros too, and eventually one will be forced to reap what one sows. 

This makes me think of 2008. Many folks will tell ya that we were a far more talented team (that year) than our Championship squad of 2007, was. Sadly, our campaign ended prematurely because we couldn’t get out of our own way. BC came in and took the game from us while we were out there competing against ourselves, like some dummies. #SDO

Fortunately for Saskatchewan in 2024, they’re learning these lessons during the infancy of the season instead of a home playoff game in front of the best fans in the world. But be warned…the lessons need to be learned. 

It’s an easy fix. More of a focus shift, if anything. Teams go through this from time to time. Especially teams that aren’t used to doing a whole lot of winning as of late. 

So let’s hope that during the game on Sunday, there’s only two teams competing out there. 

Again, speaking from experience, it’s far more enjoyable when one isn’t competing against the opponent between ones own ears.

Cheers to the boys going 1-0 this week against the TiCats👊🏽

-95, out. 

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