Sask Party Government Refusing to Accept Clean Energy Regulations from Ottawa.

Essentially the message from the Sask Party Government is “we will see you in court.”

All of this comes from the federal government’s Clean Energy Regulations (CER).

A tribunal called the “Sask First Tribunal” was hand picked by the provincial government to review regulations like this, and the potential impact on Saskatchewan and the economy.

The tribunal’s report released today, found the new regulations would reduce Saskatchewan’s economic growth by more than 7-billion dollars and cause utility bills to spike.

“The Tribunal’s findings confirm what the Government of Saskatchewan has already told the federal government—their approach in an attempt to regulate our provincial electricity system is unaffordable and technologically and logistically unattainable,” Crown Investments Corporation Minister Dustin Duncan said. “We will continue Saskatchewan’s plan to ensure reliable baseload electricity for the next decade of growth and beyond, while working toward a net-zero electricity sector by 2050.”​

Ottawa’s regulations require provinces to move towards a net-zero electricity grid by 2035 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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