100th Birthday

Regina Resident celebrates 100 years of life

Mar 20, 2023 | 7:43am

Not many people have the achievement of living to 100 years old. Residents and staff at Revera Retirement home by Hillside Estates celebrated a 100th birthday. The home’s first one in the last decade. Kay Parley lives in the home and celebrated 100 years of life with her family and friends. When she was told […]

Local Veteran celebrates his 100th birthday

Mar 3, 2023 | 4:43pm

Norman Johnson woke up 100 years young this morning in the Renaissance Retirement Residence. The home celebrated his birthday with a gathering of the staff and dozens of other residents, even two of Norman’s old friends who left the home returned for his big day. Norman shared that the party was a total surprise. “It’s […]