Most Canadians to receive emergency alert test today

Most Canadians to receive emergency alert test today

May 8, 2024 | 5:41am
The federal government will test its capacity to issue emergency alerts today. That means Canadians in most provinces and territories will receive a test alert on their cellphones, as well as through TV and radio broadcasts. The sole exception is Ontario, where the test will take place on May 15. Provincial and territorial emergency management […]

SaskPower customer generated solar panel project nears capacity two years earlier than scheduled

Sep 18, 2019 | 5:28pm

SaskPower’s Net Metering program will reach it’s capacity two year’s earlier than anticipated. This program allows customers to install solar panels on their houses and businesses and get credits for surplus power. SaskPower says it re-launched the program in November and would take applications until it reached a cap of 16 mega-watts or until November […]