federal throne speech

Moe and Meili react to throne speech from Federal Government

Nov 23, 2021 | 6:10pm

The Premier of Saskatchewan and the leader of opposition haven’t found much common ground lately, but one thing that they agreed on that were a couple omissions from the Throne Speech that was delivered by the Federal Government on Tuesday. Premier Scott Moe and NDP Leader Ryan Meili both agreed that more support is needed […]

Mixed reaction from agriculture community after federal throne speech

Sep 25, 2020 | 5:12am

Farmers are expressing mixed support to the federal speech from the throne. Agriculture minister David Marit is disappointed with the speech. He says the federal speech from the throne offered little support for Saskatchewan farmers. “There really wasn’t too much in agriculture, there was obviously some commitment on the supply-management side for dealing with trade […]

Liberal throne speech pledges to work with opposition parties, welcome their ideas

Dec 5, 2019 | 3:19pm

OTTAWA — Justin Trudeau ushered in a new era of minority Liberal rule Thursday with a throne speech brimming with humility, goodwill and promises of collaboration with opposition parties whose support he needs to ensure his government’s survival. The speech from the throne, penned by the Prime Minister’s Office but read by Gov. Gen. Julie […]

Liberals to emphasize common ground in throne speech as Parliament resumes

Dec 5, 2019 | 7:30am

The 43rd session of Parliament — and a new era of minority government — is to open Thursday with a speech from the throne emphasizing the issues on which Justin Trudeau’s Liberals believe they can find common ground with opposition parties. The throne speech is penned by the Prime Minister’s Office but read by Gov. […]