Prince Edward Building

Globe Theatre asking city for financial help for renovations

Globe Theatre asking city for financial help for renovations

Jan 25, 2024 | 10:51am
The long running renovations at the Globe Theatre in Regina are also running into financial issues. The Globe and the contractor doing the work are asking for Regina City Council for help. Costs of the project have continued to climb as workers have been renovating the former City Hall building, which is more than 100 […]

Donation a Boost for the Globe Theatre

Jun 22, 2022 | 12:34pm

A big donation from a well known family in Regina is giving a boost to the Globe Theatre’s fundraising campaign. The Globe is renovating its space inside the historic Prince Edward Building downtown.  The project is expected to take a couple of more years to complete at a cost of 35 million dollars. A donation […]

Globe Theatre closing curtain with sold-out ghost tours

Oct 10, 2020 | 11:08am

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Regina’s Globe Theatre has managed to offer an exciting finale before they close up for renovations. The Globe began selling tickets for two types of ghost tours throughout October at the end of last month, and fans responded by having the shows sell out before the weekend. Damien James Webb with […]

Globe Theatre to receive funding from joint partnership between city, province, feds

Aug 23, 2019 | 6:01pm

Members of the Globe Theatre say this is an announcement they’ve been waiting to hear for quite some time. The 113-year-old Prince Edward Building, which stands in the heart of Regina, will be getting some much-needed upgrades thanks to a partnership between the municipal, provincial and federal governments. Details of the funding were announced at […]