Sask farm gets federal support for new approach to grain drying

Mar 30, 2023 | 1:25pm

The Federal government has announced support for 45 new projects for more efficient grain drying technology on the farm. The latest support amounts to 22 million dollars, bringing the total to 99 grain dryer projects at a cost of more than 37 million dollars. For example, Geerts Farms, a 26 thousand acre family farm near […]

CFIB calls for support for federal legislation to exempt farm use of natural gas and propane

Feb 22, 2021 | 1:26pm

  The Canadian Federation of Independent Business is urging MP’s to pass legislation exempting farm use of natural gas and propane from the carbon tax. CFIB vice president, agribusiness, Marilynn Braun-Pollon says farmers paid an estimated 14 thousand dollars in carbon taxes for the year ending last March 31st when it was 20 dollars a […]

Propane demand expected to rise due to late, wet harvest and need to dry crops

Oct 3, 2019 | 6:00am

Propane demand in Saskatchewan is rising as a higher percentage of the 2019 crops will have to be dried following the latest snowfall and rain. The propane marketing manager for Federated Co-op, Dave Turk, is advising farmers to order their propane in a timely manner to avoid last year’s delays in delivery. Turk does not […]