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Amid vaccine fatigue, doctors say the updated COVID-19 shot is important this fall

Amid vaccine fatigue, doctors say the updated COVID-19 shot is important this fall

Sep 22, 2023 | 7:56am
Public health officials say the number of COVID-19 infections is climbing again — just in time for respiratory virus season in the fall and winter, when respiratory syncytial virus and influenza also come on the scene.  Health Canada recently authorized an updated mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, manufactured by Moderna, thattargets the XBB.1.5 Omicron subvariant circulating now. The […]

22 COVID-19 Outbreaks in Care Homes Province Wide

Apr 28, 2022 | 2:30pm

The provincial report on COVID-19 cases came out today – with a startling number attached to outbreaks in care homes. Over the last week 22 outbreaks occurred in Saskatchewan care homes and long term care facilities. The provinces weekly update on the state of the Pandemic in Saskatchewan also showed 829 new cases of COVID-19 […]

Moe’s plan to “Live with Covid” costing Saskatchewan lives – NDP

Apr 22, 2022 | 11:06am

Days after testing positive for COVID-19, opposition leader Ryan Meili is bringing forward frank criticism of the Saskatchewan Party’s plans to “Live with Covid”. “We do have to live with COVID – but that doesn’t mean you just “let it rip” and pretend it’s not going on. You wear masks in doors. You increase ventilation […]

Attempted catalytic converter theft leads to charges for duo

Mar 9, 2022 | 5:45am

Two people in Regina were found by a sergeant on patrol in east Regina on Friday. The duo were under a moving truck with all of the necessary tools for stealing the truck’s catalytic converter. These pieces of machinery are worth anywhere from $50 to $1500 in the aftermarket and have become a commodity – […]

University of Regina returns in person learning

Mar 1, 2022 | 5:53am

The University of Regina is returning to in person learning effective March 1st. This marks the first full return to in person learning since December. University of Regina President Jeff Keshen says many are excited about the move. “We’re going to have our students back in numbers that make the campus a place of dynamism, […]

Masking encouraged but not required for City of Regina facilities, Regina Transit

Mar 1, 2022 | 5:33am

The City of Regina says that it will be aligning its COVID protocols with the provincial public health order, meaning that masks are not required within city facilities or on Regina transit, but they are still being encouraged. The city says that masks will continue to be made available for anyone that visits city facilities […]

Province reports 42 more deaths and 26 more hospitalizations

Feb 17, 2022 | 2:12pm

Saskatchewan’s hospitalizations have reached a record high. The province’s weekly COVID update reported 26 more people in the hospital, bringing that total to 410. Seven more people were admitted to the ICU, bringing that number to 33. The hospitalization numbers are as of February 16th. The province also reported 42 more people have died to […]

Province reports 5,400 new cases and 22 COVID-related deaths

Feb 10, 2022 | 3:34pm

The Government of Saskatchewan released its first weekly COVID-19 update. The province reported 5,401 new cases along with 22 COVID-related deaths. As of February 9th, the province saw hospitalizations increase by 52 from the province’s last available daily data to 384, with the number of people in the ICU dropping by five to 26. Far […]

Province reports six more deaths due to COVID

Feb 6, 2022 | 3:07pm

Saskatchewan has reported that six more people have died to COVID-19. The six deaths now bring the province’s total to 1,012. Also announced were 724 new cases and a decrease of 13 people in the hospital, though 332 people are still hospitalized due to COVID. 31 of those are in provincial ICUs. A total of […]

384 COVID-19 patients in hospital, 37 in ICU

Feb 3, 2022 | 2:30pm

February 3rd, 2022 the Saskatchewan government reported a rise in hospitalizations by 12 patients. The total in hospital is now 384, with 37 patients in the provincial ICUS. The province reported 837 new COVID-19 infections with 221 in the Saskatoon region, 257 in the Regina area and 74 in the south East portion of the […]