Road work

Major repaving project to start soon in Moose Jaw

Aug 11, 2023 | 5:31am

Traffic at a major intersection in Moose Jaw will be slowed as the city starts to re-pave Main and Thatcher Drive. Significant detours will be in place, along with speed restrictions, but the city of Moose Jaw says businesses in the area should remain open. The work will occur in two phases: Week of August […]

City Looking At Improving Saskatchewan Drive

Jan 26, 2023 | 5:48am

The City of Regina is again taking a serious look at making big changes to Saskatchewan Drive. Its one of the major streets in the city, and is badly in need of an upgrade. “The Saskatchewan Drive Corridor Project” will look at transforming the street from McTavish to Winnipeg. In a news release, the city […]

Snow Plows Roll Out For City Wide Clear Tuesday

Jan 2, 2023 | 8:09am

For the first time this “winter season” the city of Regina is rolling out its snow plows to clear every street in the city.  To this point the city was focused on clearing the major routes, and “snow routes.” There are some 500 kilometres of road to clear in Regina, and it will take city […]

Deconstruction of “Old” Winnipeg Street Overpass to Get Underway

Sep 7, 2022 | 9:44am

The City of Regina is ready to “decommission” the old Winnipeg Street overpass over Ring Road, now that the new, improved version is ready. Its will take some heavy equipment a couple of days to tear down the old overpass.  Traffic restrictions will go into effect on Friday morning, until Monday morning while the work […]

Heavy Work on McCarthy In Regina

Jun 15, 2022 | 2:59pm

As if the commute from the west and north west wasn’t interesting enough, here comes some more roadwork Thursday morning, the city is starting work on McCarthy Boulevard between Dewdney and Brunskill Place. In a release the city says the work will be completed in two phases, starting with concrete and paving work in the […]

Major Work Beginning on Lewvan Drive

Jun 5, 2022 | 7:47pm

Its the season of warmer weather, Rider football, and of course, roadwork. Starting at 7 a.m. Monday morning one of the busiest commuter corridors in Regina, Lewvan Drive, will be getting a fair bit of attention in two areas. North Lewvan Drive between Sherwood Drive and First Avenue North: There will be  two way traffic […]

Three Roads in Regina Make the Top Ten “Worst Roads” in Saskatchewan

May 2, 2022 | 1:42pm

We’ve all driven across some roads that have made us clench our teeth, brace for impact, or curse out loud from the big thud of a tire slamming in and out of a pothole. There are some roads in Saskatchewan that are particularly bad, and every year CAA-Saskatchewan likes to find out which one is […]