Apple says don’t do this if you get your phone wet

Apple says don’t do this if you get your phone wet

Feb 27, 2024 | 6:59pm
It is such a sick feeling when one drops their phone into the water. All of a sudden there’s a mad scramble to retrieve the phone before significant damage is done because we depend so much on our smartphones. They act as our photo albums, our password holders, our note takers, our address book, our […]
Tory MP says he’ll apologize to First Nation for ‘grossly disrespectful’ comments

Tory MP says he’ll apologize to First Nation for ‘grossly disrespectful’ comments

Feb 13, 2024 | 8:54am
A Conservative MP says he’ll apologize after facing demands that he retract comments he made last week about First Nations burning down water treatment plants because they’re frustrated with the Liberals.  The office of Saskatoon area MP Kevin Waugh said Monday he has offered to meet with the chief of Piapot First Nation, along with elders, and […]

‘The saving grace for agriculture’: Farmers look to irrigation amid climate woes

Aug 13, 2023 | 4:57pm

Sean Stanford’s wheat farm just south of Lethbridge, Alta. falls within the far left corner of Palliser’s Triangle — an expanse of prairie grassland encompassing much of southeast Alberta, a swath of southern Saskatchewan, and the southwest corner of Manitoba. The area is named for explorer Capt. John Palliser, who in 1857, famously declared the entire region […]

‘Not as dramatic’: Saskatchewan farmers draining water demonstrate benefits

Jul 22, 2023 | 8:31am

It’s an area of farmland Ryan Maurer says is worth as much as a Lamborghini. High run-off flooded one of his fields in spring 2022, leaving shallow pools of water. This was before the farmer opened ditches to drain it. “Would you take your Lamborghini and park it in a slough?” Maurer asked on his […]

Regina council reserves decision and approves full Eastern Water Pressure project

Jul 18, 2023 | 2:54pm

Regina City Council flipped its decision on the Eastern Pressure Solution project after more discussion at last week’s city council meeting. In June, council voted to scale back the project from a pumping station and a pair of reservoirs to a station and just one reservoir to lower the immediate financial commitment. At last week’s […]

WSA warns about high water on North Saskatchewan River

Jun 20, 2023 | 7:09pm

The Water Security Agency is warning people along the North Saskatchewan River, that whole lot of water is coming. Heavy Rain on top of snow packs in Alberta will bring flows along the North Saskatchewan River from 280 m3/second to as high as 1200 m3/s. Peak flows are expected to arrive from Alberta on Friday […]

Strange odour and taste in Regina’s tap water due to early algae bloom

May 11, 2023 | 3:21pm

According to the City of Regina, Regina residents who may have noticed a funny smell and taste in their water have nothing to be concerned about. Blair Kardash, a manager of laboratory & research at the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant, said that the odour and taste are due to very high algae levels in […]

Sask. Water Security Agency introduces 2023 Emergency Flood Damage Reduction program

Apr 5, 2023 | 9:13am

Half a million dollars has been set aside this year by the Water Security Agency to help rural residents avoid possible flooding in 2023. Patrick Boyle with the Water Security Agency says the emergency flood damage reduction program is available to communities, rural municipalities and rural residents. Boyle says the support is made on a […]